Death Anxiety in a National Sample of United States Funeral Directors and its Relationship with Death Exposure, Age, and Sex

  title={Death Anxiety in a National Sample of United States Funeral Directors and its Relationship with Death Exposure, Age, and Sex},
  author={Laura K. Harrawood and Lyle J. White and John J. Benshoff},
  journal={OMEGA — Journal of Death and Dying},
  pages={129 - 146}
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the level of death anxiety among a national sample of United States funeral directors with varying levels of death exposure, age, and sex. Utilizing the Multidimensional Fear of Death Scale (MFODS), the results showed a significant, but weak negative relationship between levels of death anxiety and the participants' reported number of funerals attended per year. The correlation between death anxiety scores and the number of… 

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Recommended Citation Schoulte, Joleen Carol. "An investigation of perceptions of two therapeutic responses for persons with a terminal illness experiencing death anxiety. 1 ABSTRACT This paper




The findings of the current work indicate that the general predictors of death anxiety, gender, age, and religiosity reported in Western, predominantly Christian samples also hold in an Eastern, Muslim sample.

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