Dealing with semantic heterogeneity for improving Web usage


Designing applications for supporting the user activity on accessing Web information sources is one of the most appealing challenges for researchers in the area of Artificial Intelligence. In this paper we design an agent capable of both creating and managing the profile of a user as well as of exploiting it for discovering navigation paths potentially interesting for him. The agent, during the navigation of a site, provides the user with a set of recommendations and, at the same time, learns his preferences by updating its ontology, storing his profile. The power of the approach relies on the capability of the ontology model (called concept-graph) of representing userbehavior-dependent relationships among concepts and, importantly, dealing with structural and semantic heterogeneity of Web sources. In order to test the validity of our approach, we have implemented the proposed framework in a Java-based multi-agent system.

DOI: 10.1016/j.datak.2005.06.002

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