Dealing with construction cost overruns using data mining

  title={Dealing with construction cost overruns using data mining},
  author={Dominic D. Ahiaga-Dagbui and Simon D. Smith},
  journal={Construction Management and Economics},
  pages={682 - 694}
One of the main aims of any construction client is to procure a project within the limits of a predefined budget. However, most construction projects routinely overrun their cost estimates. Existing theories on construction cost overrun suggest a number of causes ranging from technical difficulties, optimism bias, managerial incompetence and strategic misrepresentation. However, much of the budgetary decision-making process in the early stages of a project is carried out in an environment of… 
Predicting likelihood of cost overrun in educational projects
Purpose Being able to predict the likelihood of a project to overrun its cost before the contract signing phase is crucial in developing the required mitigating measures to avert it. Known
Predicting project cost overrun levels in bidding stage using ensemble learning
An ensemble-learning classification model is developed to predict the expected cost-overrun levels of public projects and derive explanatory factors and key predictors and enable project owners and managers to screen projects that are expected to incur excessive cost overruns and to anticipate budget loss during the bidding stage and before contracts are finalized.
Model of Predicting Cost Overrun in Construction Projects
The model can be helpful mainly for the contractor who wants to know not only the probability of the total cost overrun but also the possibility and amount of increase in the costs of individual packages of works or detailed construction works necessary to complete a construction project.
Literature Review and Contribution 2 . 1 Causes of Cost Overrun in Construction Industry
A comprehensive literature review on previous research is applied to detect the major factors causing cost overrun and a data acquisition model is developed to capture the relevant historical data and metadata from completed construction projects in a reliable data warehouse.
An investigation into cost overruns for ongoing building projects in Abuja, Nigeria
The total amount of cost overruns for any construction project can be fully determined once the project is completed. Estimating the amount of cost overruns at different stages of ongoing
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This doctoral study explored the strategies senior managers use to reduce cost overruns and schedule delays in construction projects and found that master planning, processes and procedures, and procurement management are the most centralized themes.
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A mathematical parameter-based comparison between the trends analysed from previous studies revealed that the cost flows of infrastructure projects procured through a design-bid-build (D-B-B) route behaved in a similar manner to building projects procuring through a construction management route.
Assessment of the mitigating measures for cost overruns in the South African construction industry
This study investigated the causes of cost overruns and cost management methods to minimize cost overruns in the South African construction industry. The methodology used is a quantitative approach.
Planning for production in construction: controlling costs in major capital projects
Abstract There has been limited research that has examined how the public sector can guarantee their major capital projects are delivered within budget. A Strategic Asset Management Framework (SAMF)
ANN Model for Assessment of Design Changes in Gas–Oil and Petrochemical Projects
The aim is to provide and introduce an artificial neural network through radial basis function (RBF) model to increase the level of perception and overall project performance during an early stages of project (design phase), which will lead decision makers to deliver more optimized decisions with less complexity through wider insight on design change events.


Neural networks for modelling the final target cost of water projects
Producing reasonably accurate cost estimates at the planning stage of a project is important for the subsequent success of the project. The estimator has to be able to make judgement on the cost
Cost estimation is an experience-based task, which involves evaluations of unknown circumstances and complex relationships of cost-influencing factors. An artificial neural network (ANN) is an
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A commonality among state Departments of Transportation is the inability to complete projects on time and within budget. This project assessed the extent of the problem of cost overruns, time delays,
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The results showed that the major benefit of the neural network approach was the ability of neural networks to model the nonlinearity in the data.
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Although extensive research has been undertaken on factors influencing the decision to tender and mark-up and tender price determination for construction projects, very little of this research
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Results from the first statistically significant study of the causes of cost escalation in transport infrastructure projects are presented. The study is based on a sample of 258 rail, bridge, tunnel
Rethinking Construction Cost Overruns: Cognition, Learning and Estimation
Purpose – Drawing on mainstream arguments in the literature, the paper presents a coherent and holistic view on the causes of cost overruns, and the dynamics between cognitive dispositions, learning
Understanding the Landscape of Overruns in Transport Infrastructure Projects
Cost and schedule overruns are endemic features of transport infrastructure projects. Despite the considerable amount of research within the field of transport and planning in the past thirty years,