Deafness: Cross-modal plasticity and cochlear implants

  title={Deafness: Cross-modal plasticity and cochlear implants},
  author={Dong Soo Lee and Jae Sung Lee and Seung Ha Oh and Seok Ki Kim and Jeung-Whoon Kim and June-Key Chung and Myung Chul Lee and Chong Sun Kim},
Hearing in profoundly deaf people can be helped by inserting an implant into the inner ear to stimulate the cochlear nerve. This also boosts the low metabolic activity of the auditory cortex, the region of the brain normally used for hearing. Other sensory modalities, such as sign language, can also activate the auditory cortex, a phenomenon known as cross-modal plasticity. Here we show that when metabolism in the auditory cortex of prelingually deaf children (whose hearing was lost before they… CONTINUE READING

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