Deadenylation of cytoplasmic mRNA by the mammalian Ccr4-Not complex.


The Ccr4-Not complex is one of the major deadenylase factors present in eukaryotic cells. This multi-subunit protein complex is composed of at least seven stably associated subunits in mammalian cells including two enzymatic deadenylase subunits: one DEDD (Asp-Glu-Asp-Asp)-type deadenylase (either CNOT7/human Caf1/Caf1a or CNOT8/human Pop2/Caf1b/Calif) and… (More)
DOI: 10.1042/BST20120074


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@article{Doidge2012DeadenylationOC, title={Deadenylation of cytoplasmic mRNA by the mammalian Ccr4-Not complex.}, author={Rachel Doidge and Saloni Mittal and Akhmed Aslam and G. Sebastiaan Winkler}, journal={Biochemical Society transactions}, year={2012}, volume={40 4}, pages={896-901} }