Dead as a dodo: the fortuitous rise to fame of an extinction icon

  title={Dead as a dodo: the fortuitous rise to fame of an extinction icon},
  author={S. Turvey and A. Cheke},
  journal={Historical Biology},
  pages={149 - 163}
  • S. Turvey, A. Cheke
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Historical Biology
  • Today, the Dodo is the most famous species known to have been driven to extinction through human activity. However, it disappeared over a century before Cuvier demonstrated the reality of extinction, and was only one of a huge number of species that died out following early European expansion around the globe. Unlike many other now-extinct Mascarene species, the Dodo's decline and disappearance was not documented by contemporary observers. Repeated settlement changes on Mauritius during the… CONTINUE READING


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