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De ovala spännbucklornas tillverkningssätt

  title={De ovala sp{\"a}nnbucklornas tillverkningss{\"a}tt},
  author={Inger Zachrison},

A Study in Viking Age Brooches using Modern Technology : Simulating the Casting of a Baroque Bronze Brooch in Magma5

There is much that is unknown concerning the creation of Viking age brooches. Recreating these brooches in the same way they would have been created in the Viking age to try to understand how they ...

Ceramic Evidence from Non-ferrous Metallurgy in the Mälaren Valley during the Viking Age

Studies of non-ferrous metallurgy in the Viking Age, predominantly from casting activities, have chiefly looked at specialised production contexts, while less specialised production has rarely been

Spännande djur i vendeltida Uppåkra : En komparativ kontextuell analys av ovala och djurformade skålfibulor från Uppåkra

De ovala och djurformade skalfibulorna utgor ett komplext och svartolkat material. Malsattningen med detta arbete har likval varit att utifran spannenas utformning och kontext, i och utanfor Uppakra,

Centrality – Regionality : The Social Structure of Southern Sweden During the Iron Age

Iron Age research in Scandinavia has focused on studies of the significance of certain places as centres in political, economic, and religious spheres of interest. Archaeological research in recent

Wayland: An essay on craft production in the early and high middle ages in Scandinavia

Although the development of craft production largely follows an evolutionary pattern from simple to complex, it is necessary to differentiate between crafts requiring exclusive, profound knowledge

A Viking burial from Kneep, Uig, Isle of Lewis

A rich female grave found in 1979 contained two gilt-bronze oval brooches, forty-four glass beads, a bone comb, an iron knife, whetstone, bone needle case and needles, iron sickle, bronze ringed pin,