De novo periaortic fibrosis after endovascular aortic repair.

  title={De novo periaortic fibrosis after endovascular aortic repair.},
  author={Faris Alomran and Romain de Blic and Alexandros Mallios and Alessandro Costanzo and Beno{\^i}t Boura and Myriam Combes},
  journal={Annals of vascular surgery},
  volume={28 2},
We report a case of a 63-year-old man presenting with abdominal pain and hydronephrosis secondary to periaortic fibrosis (PAF) 8 months after an endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) using a woven polyester bifurcated graft. De novo delayed PAF after open repair is rare and even more infrequent after EVAR. All 3 previously reported cases occurred after woven polyester grafts and no reported cases after polytetrafluorethylene grafts. Management included steroidal anti-inflammatory treatment and… CONTINUE READING