• Art
  • Published 2014

De la matière à l'espace: une voie d'intégration numérique et matérielle

  title={De la mati{\`e}re {\`a} l'espace: une voie d'int{\'e}gration num{\'e}rique et mat{\'e}rielle},
  author={Fr{\'e}deric Delvaux and Romuald Bianchi and Sylvie Jancart},
From a collaboration of formal and architectural research between architect and artist, we present the summary of an experimental approach that illustrates the creation and construction of a functional space, located at the borders of the sculpture and the architecture. We present a look at the method, according to a revised approach to digital modeling / re-design. This has been an exploratory approach through the study of three generic models of the form. We present the experimental method… CONTINUE READING