De la matemática clásica a la matemática moderna: Hilbert y el esquematismo kantiano

  title={De la matem{\'a}tica cl{\'a}sica a la matem{\'a}tica moderna: Hilbert y el esquematismo kantiano},
  author={Carlos Torres Alcaraz},
  • C. Alcaraz
  • Published 1 September 2016
  • Mathematics, Philosophy
This essay examines the manner in which Hilbert worked out his first formalism in his investigations on the foundations of geometry. To elu- cidate these views, Hilbert's position is compared with that of Kant, who set forth a constructive notion of "geometrical objects" which endured in the Phi- losophy of mathematics for a long time. In the first part, the author explores the way in which Kant explains the notion of proof in classical geometry and clarifies how his account relates to his… 
(Geometry, Formalism and Intuition: David Hilbert and the formal Axiomatic Method (1891-1905))
The paper presents and analyzes a set of unpublished notes for lecture courses on geometry, which David Hilbert gave between 1891 and 1905. it will be argued


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