De La Democratie En Europe: Old Concepts and New Challenges

  title={De La Democratie En Europe: Old Concepts and New Challenges},
  author={Yves M{\'e}ny},
  journal={Wiley-Blackwell: Journal of Common Market Studies},
  • Y. Mény
  • Published 1 March 2003
  • Political Science
  • Wiley-Blackwell: Journal of Common Market Studies
Since David Marquand coined his famous phrase ‘democratic deficit’ to describe the functioning of the European Community, the debate has raged about the extent and content of this deficit. However, little attention has been paid to the ambiguous nature of democracy both at the national and supranational levels. This paper argues that dissatisfaction with democracy has to do, at least for a substantial part, with the creeping expansion of constitutionalism and the parallel decline of popular… 

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In this article, I propose to examine the issue that at present most mobilizes the European states and public opinion within them: the modification of the insti- tutional-political model, in the form

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