De Hominis Dignitate Heptaplus, de Ente Et Uno, E Scritti Vari a Cura di Eugenio Garin

  title={De Hominis Dignitate Heptaplus, de Ente Et Uno, E Scritti Vari a Cura di Eugenio Garin},
  author={G. P. D. Mirandola and Eugenio Garin},
Estetica dell’infezione: dal cyborg al teriomorfo
As long as cultural history has been passed on, art and science have always been connected. However in the past decades, while it has become more and more evident that traditional anthropocentric andExpand
El aristotelismo de giovanni pico della mirandola y la concordia entre platón y aristóteles
This paper will argue that Pico della Mirandola's philosophical program of harmonization between Plato and Aristotle is a good tool to understand not only his relationship with the Platonic traditionExpand
From Sinai to Athens: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola’s philological quest for the transmission of theological truth
ABSTRACT In the summer of 1486, Pico came into possession of what he regarded as the original Chaldean text of the Chaldean Oracles, whose Greek text thus came to appear to him as an incomplete andExpand
Introduction: Academic Labour, Digital Media and Capitalism
The overall task of this special issue of tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique is to gather critical contributions examining universities, academic labour, digital media and capitalism. TheExpand
Professing Contradictions: Knowledge Work and the Neoliberal Condition of Academic Workers
In this paper, we will provide an interpretation of the condition of academic labor, which is understood as a particular kind of knowledge work and labor. Our objective is to explore theExpand
Searching for the Hidden “One”: Muslim and Early European Interpretations of the Indian Upaniṣads
The Upaniṣads are commonly regarded as the ultimate summary of the Indian Weltanschauung . This high esteem is the result of a rather convoluted history of reception in different culturalExpand
The Human World as Augmented Reality: Transcendentalism and Anthropological Difference
Received: 14/12/2018. Accepted: 14/3/2019 Copyright © 2019 Gaetano Chiurazzi. Published by Vilnius University Press This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative CommonsExpand
Few literary works have achieved the fame of the whimsical tale of the misadventures of a little wooden puppet who wanted to be a real boy. Pinocchio is known and loved by children and adults aroundExpand