Day-night variations in blood levels of nitric oxide, T-TFPI, and E-selectin.

  title={Day-night variations in blood levels of nitric oxide, T-TFPI, and E-selectin.},
  author={Eugene L Kanabrocki and Mini George and Ram{\'o}n C. Hermida and Harry L. Messmore and May D Ryan and Diana Elva Ayala and Debra A. Hoppensteadt and Jawed Fareed and Fiona Bremner and Jane L H C Third and Parvez Shirazi and Bernard A. Nemchausky},
  journal={Clinical and applied thrombosis/hemostasis : official journal of the International Academy of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis},
  volume={7 4},
Circadian (8/24 hours) variations in serum nitric oxide (NO), total tissue factor pathway inhibitor (T-TFPI). and E-selectin levels were studied in healthy adults and in subjects with type II diabetes. We postulated a possibility a functional relationship between them because vascular endothelium is the primary site of their synthesis and functions. NO is released by the action of eNO synthase isoform and modulates physiologic responses (e.g., vascular dilation, relaxation, increasing blood… CONTINUE READING
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