Dawson type heteropolyanions. 3. Syntheses and 31P, 51V, and 183W NMR structural investigation of octadeca(molybdo-tungsto-vanado)diphosphates related to the [H2P2W12O48]12- anion.


The synthesis and multinuclear NMR characterization of mixed molybdenum-vanadium-tungsten polyoxometalates [P(2)Mo(x)V(y)W(18-(x+y))O(62)](n-) (x + y < or = 8) related to the Dawson structure are reported. The mixed species are obtained from the hexavacant anion [H(2)P(2)W(12)O(56)](12-) by successive condensation and hydrolysis reactions. The strategy of… (More)


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