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Datos sobre el paisaje vegetal de Mallorca e Ibiza (Islas Baleares, España): VII Excursión Internacional de Fitosociología (AEFA)

  title={Datos sobre el paisaje vegetal de Mallorca e Ibiza (Islas Baleares, Espa{\~n}a): VII Excursi{\'o}n Internacional de Fitosociolog{\'i}a (AEFA)},
  author={Salvador Martinez and Manuel Costa and Pilar Soriano Guarin{\'o}s and Rosa Fern{\'a}ndez P{\'e}rez and Lleonard Llorens Garc{\'i}a and Josep Antoni Rossell{\'o} Picornell},
espanolSe hace una descripcion de la vegetacion y del paisaje vegetal de las islas de Ibiza y de Mallorca, a modo de guia para la VII Excursion Internacional de Fitosociologia. La guia contiene: (1) Informacion general acerca de la geologia y clima de las islas. (2) Tipologia biogeografica en las Islas Baleares y su diagnosis, tanto ecologica como biogeografica a traves de los taxones endemicos del Mediterraneo occidental. (3) Bioclimatologia, con tablas de datos climaticos y ombroclimogramas… 
Flora y vegetación del macizo occidental de la Sierra de Gredos (Sistema Central, España)
El area de estudio engloba los territorios supramediterraneos, oro- y criorosubmediterraneos de las sierras del Barco de Avila-Tormantos y de BejarMajarreina, en un intervalo altitudinal de 900-2423
Ecological and Syntaxonomic Analysis of Pinus halepensis Mill. in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands
This work aims to review the natural communities of Pinus halepensis in Spain. The methodology consisted of subjecting 400 phytosociological relevés to georeferencing and statistical,
Contribution au prodrome des végétations de France: les Parietarietea judaicae Rivas-Mart. in Rivas Goday 1964
Abstract Within the framework of the prodrome of French vegetation, under the sponsorship of the French Society of Phytosociology, the author presents Parietarietea judaicae: a list of syntaxa
Stomatal density and stomatal index of fossil Buxus from coprolites of extinct Myotragus balearicus Bate (Artiodactyla, Caprinae) as evidence of increased CO2 concentration during the late Holocene
Leaf samples from the extinct Myotragus balearicus, with a radiocarbon age of 3775–3640 cal. bc, could provide a palaeobotanic evidence of a change in atmospheric CO2 concentration since mid-Holocene in the Mediterranean basin.
The Olea europaea L. var. sylvestris (Mill.) Lehr. forests in the Mediterranean area
This paper examines the forest communities dominated by Olea europaea L. var. sylvestris (Mill.) Lehr. that have been described up until now in the Mediterranean Region (including other isolated
Flowering and fruiting phenology of a xerochamaephytic shrub community from the mountain of Mallorca (Balearic islands, Spain)
The flowering duration of individual plants and whole populations are positively correlated, which may indicate that individuals of each population optimize the time which is phenologically useful.
Modern analogs for understanding pollen-vegetation dynamics in a Mediterranean mosaic landscape (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean)
This paper presents the study of modern pollen analogs from the Balearic Islands. While similar studies have been largely applied to mainland areas, research focused on modern vegetation dynamics on
Plant diversity , biogeography , and environment in Iberia : patterns and hypothesized causal factors
We associated patterns of plant diversity with possible causal factors by considering 93 local regions in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands with respect to biogeography, environmental
Historical processes and environmental factors as determinants of inter‐island differences in endemic faunas: the case of the Balearic Islands
Pre-human flora and fauna suggest that environmental differences among the Gymnesics and the Pityusics have now been reduced in comparison to the environmental differences at the Pleistocene and Holocene boundary.