Dating the geologic history of Oman’s Semail ophiolite: insights from U-Pb geochronology

  title={Dating the geologic history of Oman’s Semail ophiolite: insights from U-Pb geochronology},
  author={Clare J. Warren and Randall Parrish and David J. Waters and Michael P. Searle},
  journal={Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology},
Eclogites from the deepest structural levels beneath the Semail ophiolite, Oman, record the subduction and later exhumation of the Arabian continental margin. Published ages for this high pressure event reveal large discrepancies between the crystallisation ages of certain eclogite-facies minerals and apparent cooling ages of micas. We present precise U-Pb zircon (78.95 ± 0.13 Ma) and rutile (79.6 ± 1.1 Ma) ages for the eclogites, as well as new U-Pb zircon ages for trondhjemites from the… 
Dating Continental Subduction Beneath the Samail Ophiolite: Garnet, Zircon, and Rutile Petrochronology of the As Sifah Eclogites, NE Oman
Studies of the high‐pressure (HP) As Sifah eclogites in the NE Saih Hatat Window, Oman, have used different combinations of radiometric dating results (Ar/Ar, Sm‐Nd vs. U‐Pb, Rb‐Sr) to interpret
Comment on “dating the geologic history of Oman’s Semail ophiolite: insights from U–Pb geochronology” by C. J. Warren, R. R. Parrish, D. J. Waters and M. P. Searle
Warren et al. 2005 present a new set of precise radiogenic dates constraining the history of genesis and emplacement of the Semail ophiolite of Oman. The new U–Pb data concern the eclogites preserved
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The presence of high-pressure ( P ) eclogites along the northeast margin of the Arabian continental plate beneath the Semail ophiolite demonstrates that subduction of thinned continental crust to
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Seven eclogite facies samples from lithologically different units which structurally underlie the Semail ophiolite were dated by the 40Ar/39Ar and Rb–Sr methods. Despite extensive efforts, phengite