Dating the Hydraulic Installations in the Siq at Petra

  title={Dating the Hydraulic Installations in the Siq at Petra},
  author={Peter J. Parr},
  journal={Palestine Exploration Quarterly},
  pages={81 - 86}
  • P. Parr
  • Published 1 July 2008
  • History
  • Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Abstract Although the recent publication of the results of excavation and restoration in the Siq at Petra by the Petra National Trust has thrown welcome light on the hydraulic engineering skills of the Nabataeans, it is suggested here that the conclusions reached by the authors regarding the chronology of those works are not necessarily correct and should not be accepted as definitive. It is shown that the interpretation of the ceramic evidence is faulty and that other, epigraphic, evidence is… 

The Chronology of the Façade Tombs at Petra: A Structural and Metrical Analysis

Abstract Due to the lack of absolute dating evidence for the rock-cut façade tombs at Petra, their traditional chronology has been largely based on typology and an assumption of increasing complexity


Abstract The chronological reconstruction of Petra monuments is a challenge since typically they lack written inscriptions and most inscriptions discovered are in secondary contexts. The chronology


Ever since 1976, the Vasilikos Valley Project (VVP) led by Ian Todd has been surveying, excavating, and recording in what has emerged as one of the most archaeologically important areas of Cyprus,

The Mada'in Saleh Monuments and the Function and Date of The Khazneh in Petra

Abstract This paper considers how the Khazneh was carved, suggesting that scaffolding was used on each of the levels of the rock-cut platform as work proceeded from the top down. It then considers

The social dimensions of water management at Petra, Jordan

The vast majority of scholarship on the water management systems of ancient Petra has focused exclusively on its built elements. While this work has contributed greatly to our understanding of the

Les Nabatéens et l’eau : technologie et culture. La conduite d’eau du Jebel Ithlib à Medaïn Saleh (Arabie Saoudite)

Des travaux sur l’amenagement hydraulique de Petra ont mis en relief la competence particuliere acquise par les Arabes Nabateens dans ces techniques comme le soulignait deja Diodore (XIX, 94, 2-9).



Review of

A clear aerosol effect on cloud droplet number concentration in the lower part of the altocumulus layers during updraft periods, turbulent mixing and entrainment of dry air is assumed to be the main reason for the found weak correlation between aerosol proxy and CDNC higher up in the cloud.

Techniques Hydrauliques Dans le Sud de la Jordanie en Particulier A L'Epoque Nabateenne

Techniques Hydrauliques Dans le Sud de la Jordanie en Particulier A L'Epoque Nabateenne، للحصول على النص الكامل يرجى زيارة مكتبة الحسين بن طلال في جامعة اليرموك او زيارة موقعها الالكتروني

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