Daten zur Spermienpenetration im Cervikalschleim unter der Einnahme der Zweiphasen-Präparate Ovanon® und Sequilar®

  title={Daten zur Spermienpenetration im Cervikalschleim unter der Einnahme der Zweiphasen-Pr{\"a}parate Ovanon{\textregistered} und Sequilar{\textregistered}},
  author={K. Bregulla and M. Fr{\"o}hlich},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r Gyn{\"a}kologie},
SummaryThe in vitro penetrability of cervical mucus by sperm was investigated in women who were taking Ovanon or Sequilar. Measurements were made under constant experimental conditions on every day of the cycle. The depth of penetration differed strikingly between women with normal menstrual cycles and women taking the sequential hormonal contraceptives. The penetration depth was substantially less when Sequilar or Ovanon was used. The Sequilar induced cervical sperm barrier during the entire… Expand
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