Dated Rock Engravings from Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa

  title={Dated Rock Engravings from Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa},
  author={Anne Thackeray and J. Francis Thackeray and Peter Beaumont and John C. Vogel},
  pages={64 - 67}
Radiocarbon dates associated with engraved stones from sealed archeological deposits at Wonderwerk Cave in the northern Cape Province indicate that rock engraving in South Africa is at least 10,000 years old. 
On a search for ancestral rock art in the South-Eastern Kalahari, South Africa
Several petroglyph sites situated on the south-eastern margin of the Kalahari have been under study for the past decade. We report here on research at three localities there, Nchwaneng, Potholes Hoek
The Edge: More on Fire-Making by about 1.7 Million Years Ago at Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa
  • P. Beaumont
  • Environmental Science
    Current Anthropology
  • 2011
Located close to the Kalahari in central South Africa is a large dolomitic cave called Wonderwerk, in the stratified sediments of which there is evidence for fire-making that ranges from the end of
Palynology of Holocene Deposits in Excavation 1 at Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape (South Africa)
Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape Province (South Africa) is one of few sites in the subcontinent where fossil pollen has been preserved in Holocene cave floor deposits. With the exception of biogenic
Radiocarbon Dates Constrain the Timing of Environmental and Cultural Shifts in the Holocene Strata of Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa
Abstract Wonderwerk Cave has yielded one of the longest and most complete Holocene Later Stone Age (LSA) records for the arid interior of South Africa. This paper presents the results of a new
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While reanalyzing the faunal remains from Danger Cave (42TO13) in northwestern Utah, I was surprised to find an incised stone among the bones. The provenience of the artifact indicates it was
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We applied cosmogenic isotope burial dating, magnetostratigraphy, and grain-size distribution analysis to elucidate the history of the sedimentary sequence, composed of fine quartz sands and silts,
Chronometric and Relative Age Determination of Petroglyphs in the Western United States
This paper presents chronometric age determinations of petroglyphs from the Coso Range and Cima volcanic field and relative dating from other locations in the western United States using the new rock
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Dating and Context of Rock Engravings in Southern Africa
Rock art is seldom recovered from sealed archeological contexts and is therefore difficult to date or integrate with other artifactual assemblages. South African engravings, found on low rocks at
The Stone Age Archaeology of Southern Africa
General works on the Stone Age archaeology of southern Africa (not including those dealing with Africa as a whole) have been published at irregular intervals so that while seven were published
Kakar for initially suggesting that we attempt CIO measurements with microwaves and for initial spectroscopic calculations
    paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Southern African Association of Archaeologists
      The rate used by Crutzen for recombination of 1°02 to form H202 is the same as that measured for the reaction of HO, with CIO by
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