Dataset on usage of a live & VoD P2P IPTV service


This paper presents a dataset of user statistics collected from a P2P multimedia service infrastructure that delivers both live and on-demand content in high quality to users via different platforms: PC/Mac, and set top boxes. The dataset covers a period of seven months starting from October 2011, exposing a total of over 94k system statistic reports from thousands of user devices at a fine granularity. Such rich data source is made available to fellow researchers to aid in developing better understanding of video delivery mechanisms, user behaviour, and programme popularity evolution.

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@article{Elkhatib2014DatasetOU, title={Dataset on usage of a live & VoD P2P IPTV service}, author={Yehia Elkhatib and Mu Mu and Nicholas J. P. Race}, journal={14-th IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing}, year={2014}, pages={1-5} }