Datacenter Traffic Control: Understanding Techniques and Tradeoffs

  title={Datacenter Traffic Control: Understanding Techniques and Tradeoffs},
  author={Mohammad Noormohammadpour and C. Raghavendra},
  journal={IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials},
  • Mohammad Noormohammadpour, C. Raghavendra
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials
  • Datacenters provide cost-effective and flexible access to scalable compute and storage resources necessary for today’s cloud computing needs. [...] Key Method To this end, custom transport protocols and traffic management techniques have been developed to improve datacenter network performance. In this tutorial paper, we review the general architecture of datacenter networks, various topologies proposed for them, their traffic properties, general traffic control challenges in datacenters and general traffic…Expand Abstract
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