Databases of Publications and Observations as a Part of the Crimean Astronomical Virtual Observatory

  title={Databases of Publications and Observations as a Part of the Crimean Astronomical Virtual Observatory},
  author={Aleksey Shlyapnikov and N. Bondar and Maksim Gorbunov},
  journal={Open Astronomy},
  pages={462 - 468}
Abstract We describe the main principles of formation of databases (DBs) with information about astronomical objects and their physical characteristics derived from observations obtained at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (CrAO) and published in the “Izvestiya of the CrAO” and elsewhere. Emphasis is placed on the DBs missing from the most complete global library of catalogs and data tables, VizieR (supported by the Center of Astronomical Data, Strasbourg). We specially consider the… 
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UkrVO Astroinformatics Software and Web-services

The aim of this paper is to introduce the software and astronomical web-services developed in frame of the Ukraine Virtual Observatory and VIrtual Roentgen and Gamma Observatory to the broad astronomical community.



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Актуальность клещевого вирусного энцефалита (КВЭ) обусловлена социальной значимостью данной нозологии, в частности наличием летальности при позднем обращении, а также увеличением численности

Wide-Field Plate Database, Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Vavilova I

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