Database of protein sequence alignments: PIR-ALN

  title={Database of protein sequence alignments: PIR-ALN},
  author={Geetha Y. Srinivasarao and Lai-Su L. Yeh and Christopher R. Marzec and Bruce C. Orcutt and Winona C. Barker and Friedhelm Pfeiffer},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
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The Protein Information Resource (PIR) has been maintaining a database of curated protein sequence alignments since 1991. The collection includes superfamily, family and homology domain alignments. CLUSTAL V/W is used to generate multiple sequence alignments and ALNED, an interactive alignment editor, is used to check and correct them. The database has helped in classifying sequences, in defining new homology domains, and in spreading and standardizing protein names, features and keywords among… CONTINUE READING