Data-to-Value: An Evaluation-First Methodology for Natural Language Projects

  title={Data-to-Value: An Evaluation-First Methodology for Natural Language Projects},
  author={Jochen L. Leidner},
Big data, i.e. collecting, storing and processing of data at scale, has recently been possible due to the arrival of clusters of commodity computers powered by application-level distributed parallel operating systems like HDFS/Hadoop/Spark, and such infrastructures have revolutionized data mining at scale. For data mining project to succeed more consistently, some methodologies were developed (e.g. CRISP-DM, SEMMA, KDD), but these do not account for (1) very large scales of processing, (2… 



The KDD process for extracting useful knowledge from volumes of data

A new generation of computational techniques and tools is required to support the extraction of useful knowledge from the rapidly growing volumes of data, the subject of the emerging field of knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) and data mining.

Knowledge discovery standards

An overview of the most prominent KD standards is provided and how they relate to each other is highlighted using some example applications of these standards.

Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise Miner – A Case Study Approach

Enterprise Miner add-ins to SAS/Warehouse Administrator are defined as advanced methods for exploring and modeling relationships in large amounts of data.

Building the KDD Roadmap: A Methodology for Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) is an iterative multi-stage process for extracting useful, non-trivial information from large databases. Each stage of the process presents numerous choices to

KDD, SEMMA and CRISP-DM: a parallel overview

This paper is pretended to establish a parallel between SEMMA and CRISP-DM and the KDD process as well as an understanding of the similarities between them.

Software engineering: What is it?

  • B. McMillin
  • Computer Science
    2018 IEEE Aerospace Conference
  • 2018
This paper will make an admittedly bold and brash attempt to boil it all down into something anyone can understand, hopefully resulting in a brief reference — a type of lens through which existing standards can be more practically viewed.

CRISP-DM 1.0: Step-by-step data mining guide

The CRISP-DM process model is described, including an introduction to the CRISp-DM methodology, the CRisP- DM reference model, theCRISP -DM user guide and the CR ISP-DL reports, as well as an appendix with additional useful and related information.

Big Data: Using SMART Big Data, Analytics and Metrics To Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance

This paper presents a meta-analysing framework for transforming business strategy in the rapidly changing environment through a comparison of modeling and data mining techniques.

A survey of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining process models

This research presents a novel approach to data mining called "Smart Mining for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining", which automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and expensive process of manually cataloging and cataloging data and extracting insights from it.


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