Data sharing and retrieval using OAI-PMH

  title={Data sharing and retrieval using OAI-PMH},
  author={Ranjeet Devarakonda and Giriprakash Palanisamy and James M. Green and Bruce E. Wilson},
  journal={Earth Science Informatics},
There is a growing consensus for the need to store and archive digital data, particularly for publicly funded research. Long-term preservation of that data generally requires some form of institutional archive, such as those directed to particular scientific communities of practice. Given that data is often of use to multiple communities of practice, which may have differing norms for data and metadata structure and semantics, effective standards for data and metadata exchange are important… 

Digitizing scientific data and data retrieval techniques

In the recent years, there has been significant advancement in the areas of scientific data management and retrieval techniques, particularly in terms of standards and protocols for archiving data and metadata.

Next-Generation Search Engines for Information Retrieval

The best practices for archiving data and metadata, new searching techniques, efficient ways of data retrieval and information display are discussed.

Enhanced OAI-PMH services for metadata sharing in heterogeneous environments

The authors developed a software server that is able to wrap existing systems or even metadata records in plain files as OAI-PMH sources and used a software library to modularise the software for these steps so that the whole process can be easily customised to the needs of each pair of OAI -PMH data provider and service provider.

A comparison of research data management platforms: architecture, flexible metadata and interoperability

A synthetic overview of current platforms that can be used for data management purposes and shows that there is still plenty of room for improvement, mainly regarding the specificity of data description in different domains, as well as the potential for integration of the data management platforms with existing research management tools.

panMetaDocs, eSciDoc, and DOIDB - An Infrastructure for the Curation and Publication of File-Based Datasets for GFZ Data Services

The data repository of GFZ Data Services provides a flexible IT infrastructure for data storage and publication, including minting of digital object identifiers (DOI), built as a modular system of several independent software components linked together through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided by the eSciDoc framework.

A Linked Science investigation: enhancing climate change data discovery with semantic technologies

This paper proposes a scenario in river-channel transport that requires biogeochemical experimental data and global climate-simulation model data from many sources and makes the case for the use of scientific scenarios in Linked Science.

A Linked Science Investigation: Enhancing Climate Change Data Discovery with Ontologies and Semantic Technologies

This paper proposes a scenario in river-channel transport that requires biogeochemical experimental data and global climate-simulation model data from many sources and makes the case for the use of scientific scenarios in Linked Science.

How FAIR Can you Get? Image Retrieval as a Use Case to Calculate FAIR Metrics

A prototypical benchmark based on a use case indicates that currently no research data repository achieves the full score according to the proposed metric, which can lead to an improvement of data integration workflows, resulting in a better and more FAIR approach to manage research data.

A Comparative Study of Platforms for Research Data Management: Interoperability, Metadata Capabilities and Integration Potential

It is argued that, depending on local requirements, different data repositories can meet some of the stakeholders requirements and there is still room for improvements, mainly regarding the compatibility with the description of data from different research domains, to further improve data reuse.

Defining a Master Data Management Approach for Increasing Open Data Understandability

This research proposes a framework to consider data sources metadata within a Master Data Management approach in order to improve understandability of the corresponding (shortly published) open data.



Mercury: reusable metadata management, data discovery and access system

Mercury is a federated metadata harvesting, search and retrieval tool based on both open source packages and custom software developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which uses a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach to capturing and managing metadata in support of twelve Earth science projects.

Mercury: An Example of Effective Software Reuse for Metadata Management, Data Discovery and Access

Mercury’s architecture includes 1) a harvesting engine to collect various metadata records from publically available folders, web sites, ftp sites, and other network accessible locations; 2) a

Resource Harvesting within the OAI-PMH Framework

It is argued that the use of complex object formats as OAI-PMH metadata formats results in a reliable and attractive approach for incremental harvesting of resources using the OAI -PMH.

A Framework for Building Open Digital Libraries

This project is an attempt to consistently extend known interoperability standards to form the basis of a framework of components for building extensible DLs.

Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting

This paper is an introduction of the OAI protocol for metadata harvesting and the main technical idea of OAI-PMH is how to implementing the protocol.

The Z39.50 information retrieval standard

An insight is provided into what may at first sight seem to be an overly complex standard and some of the main concepts that provide potential for making the protocol a key part of the future of information retrieval.