Data quality assurance for the Majorana Demonstrator

  title={Data quality assurance for the Majorana Demonstrator},
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The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR is an experiment constructed to search for neutrinoless double-beta decays in germanium-76 and to demonstrate the feasibility to deploy a large-scale experiment in a phased and modular fashion. It consists of two modular arrays of natural and $^{76}$Ge-enriched germanium detectors totalling 44.1 kg, located at the 4850' level of the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota, USA. Any neutrinoless double-beta decay search requires a thorough… Expand
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Recent results of the Majorana Demonstrator experiment
The Majorana Demonstrator is searching for neutrinoless double-beta decay in 76Ge with two modular arrays of natural and 76Ge-enriched germanium detectors. It is located at the 4850’ level of SanfordExpand


The Majorana Demonstrator Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiment
The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR will search for the neutrinoless double-beta decay of the isotope Ge with a mixed array of enriched and natural germanium detectors. The observation of this rare decay wouldExpand
The Majorana Demonstrator Radioassay Program
Abstract The Majorana collaboration is constructing the Majorana Demonstrator at the Sanford Underground Research Facility at the Homestake gold mine, in Lead, SD. The apparatus will use GeExpand
New Limits on Bosonic Dark Matter, Solar Axions, Pauli Exclusion Principle Violation, and Electron Decay from the Majorana Demonstrator.
Constraints at the 90% confidence level are derived on bosonic dark matter (DM) and solar axion couplings, Pauli exclusion principle violating (PEPV) decay, and electron decay using monoenergetic peak signal limits above the background. Expand
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