[Data on the epidemiology of rotavirus infection].


The findings of epidemiological study of rotavirus infections among children in Gorki over the period of 1981-1985 are analyzed. The age of the patients is specified, as are the disease seasonal patterns and the incidence rates of its manifest and asymptomatic forms, and of carriership cases among healthy children in different foci of this infection.

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@article{Antsupova1988DataOT, title={[Data on the epidemiology of rotavirus infection].}, author={A S Antsupova and E E Al'tova and A F Zalesskikh and N. V. Epifanova and Lioubov Dombrovskaia}, journal={Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii, i immunobiologii}, year={1988}, volume={5}, pages={34-7} }