Data management as bibliography

  title={Data management as bibliography},
  author={Michael K. Buckland},
Author(s): Buckland, Michael | Abstract: A critical element in the products of research projects is the data set, largely treated as a marginal appendage to the written record. With the requirement for data management plans in grant proposals to the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health, the issue of managing research data sets is gaining attention. Sharing primary data enables a greater return on the original investment, expanded discovery and fertilization of ideas… 

Data Curation in Academic Libraries as Part of the Digital Revolution

  • T. Koltay
  • Business
    Zagadnienia Informacji Naukowej - Studia Informacyjne
  • 2019
Purpose/Thesis: This paper outlines the role of data curation in the context of Research 2.0 and Research Data Management.Approach/Methods: The argument is based on a non-exhaustive review of the

A Generic Research Data Infrastructure for Long Tail Research Data Management

GeRDI – the Generic Research Data (RD) Infrastructure – is a research data management initiative which targets long tail content that stems from research communities belonging to different domain and research practices which connects research data infrastructures of communities to enable the investigation of multidisciplinary research questions.

How has your science data grown? Digital curation and the human factor: a critical literature review

This critical literature review underscores the ways in which sharing, accessing, and reusing science data allow researchers and other stakeholders to address new imperatives in scientific research.

Information and data ecologies

  • T. Koltay
  • Computer Science
    Research Data Management and Data Literacies
  • 2022

Facing the Challenge of Data-Intensive Research: Research Data Services and Data Literacy in Academic Libraries

Challenges that academic libraries face in the era of data-intensive research are described and new tasks to be performed by academic libraries are explored.

Researchers’ Attitudes towards Data Discovery: Implications for a UCLA Data Registry

This thesis focuses on understanding the various definitions that scholars use to characterize their data and research output, as well as the methods and tools they use and need to disseminate, manage, and make their work discoverable.

Design and Development of a Performance Support Tool for the Digital Curation of Non-Textual Learning Objects

This study explored the design and development of a performance support tool to create descriptive metadata by users that are most familiar with the non-textual learning objects, yet may not have an understanding of the various metadata schemas and standards required by other institutional/knowledge repositories and search engines.

If We Share Data, Will Anyone Use Them? Data Sharing and Reuse in the Long Tail of Science and Technology

It is found that CENS researchers are willing to share their data, but few are asked to do so, and in only a few domain areas do their funders or journals require them to deposit data.

The other as a research agenda for information science

It is argued that the academic need to know the work of others and everyday dependence on “second-hand knowledge” constitutes a much-needed rationale and strategic framework for Information Science itself.

Libraries Meet Research 2.0: Literacies and Services

This chapter is intended mainly for the researcher. Its main goal is to identify what services are already provided or could be planned by academic libraries, identified as important stakeholders in



Memory Practices in the Sciences

This lively and erudite look at the relation of the authors' information infrastructures to their information, Geoffrey Bowker examines how, over the past two hundred years, information technology has converged with the nature and production of scientific knowledge.

Memory Practices in the Sciences

"Mr Swivett, approaching a facial lividity that would alarm a Physician, were one present, now proclaims, 'Not only did they insult the God-given structure of the Year, they also put us on Catholic

Bibliography and the sociology of texts

List of illustrations Foreword Bibliography and the Sociology of Texts The Sociology of a text: oral culture, literacy, and print in early New Zealand.

The Foundation

Bibliographia, an inquiry into its definition and designations

NIH data sharing policy. Bethesda, MD: The Institutes

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Grant Proposal Guide

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