Data linkage reduces loss to follow-up in an observational HIV cohort study.

  title={Data linkage reduces loss to follow-up in an observational HIV cohort study.},
  author={Teresa A. Garrett Hill and Loveleen K Bansi and Caroline Sabin and Andrew N Phillips and David T Dunn and J. Keith Anderson and Philippa Jane Easterbrook and Martin Fisher and Brian Gazzard and Richard Gilson and MargaretA. Johnson and Clifford Lam Shang Leen and Chloe M. Orkin and Achim Schwenk and John Christopher Walsh and Alexander J. Winston and Abdel Gabbar Eltyeb Babiker and Val{\'e}rie Raymond Delpech},
  journal={Journal of clinical epidemiology},
  volume={63 10},
OBJECTIVE To ascertain the degree of loss to follow-up in a cohort and to identify its predictors. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected individuals without CD4 cell counts for a year or more were defined as potentially lost to follow-up (LFU). Multivariable Poisson regression models identified the risk factors for potential LFU. Multivariable logistic regression models compared demographic and clinical characteristics of those who returned for care and those… CONTINUE READING


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