Data generation for testing and grading SQL queries

  title={Data generation for testing and grading SQL queries},
  author={Bikash Chandra and Amol Bhangadia and Bhupesh Chawda and Biplab Kar and K. V. Maheshwara Reddy and Shetal Shah and S. Sudarshan},
  journal={The VLDB Journal},
Correctness of SQL queries is usually tested by executing the queries on one or more datasets. Erroneous queries are often the results of small changes or mutations of the correct query. A mutation Q $$'$$ ′ of a query Q is killed by a dataset D if Q(D) $$\ne $$ ≠ Q $$'$$ ′ (D). Earlier work on the XData system showed how to generate datasets that kill all mutations in a class of mutations that included join type and comparison operation mutations. In this paper, we extend the XData data… CONTINUE READING