Data-driven robotic sampling for marine ecosystem monitoring

  title={Data-driven robotic sampling for marine ecosystem monitoring},
  author={Jnaneshwar Das and Frederic Py and Julio B. J. Harvey and John P. Ryan and Alyssa Gellene and Rishi Graham and David A. Caron and Kanna Rajan and Gaurav S. Sukhatme},
  journal={I. J. Robotics Res.},
Robotic sampling is attractive in many field robotics applications that require persistent collection of physical samples for ex-situ analysis. Examples abound in the earth sciences in studies involving the collection of rock, soil, and water samples for laboratory analysis. In our test domain, marine ecosystem monitoring, detailed understanding of plankton ecology requires laboratory analysis of water samples, but predictions using physical and chemical properties measured in real-time by… CONTINUE READING
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