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Data-driven feedback linearisation using model predictive control

  title={Data-driven feedback linearisation using model predictive control},
  author={Merijn Floren and Koen Classens and Tom Oomen and Jean-Phillippe Noel},
Linearising the dynamics of nonlinear mechanical systems is an important and open research area. In this paper, we adopt a data-driven and feedback control approach to tackle this problem. A model predictive control architecture is developed that builds upon data-driven dynamic models obtained using nonlinear system identification. The overall methodology shows a high degree of performance combined with significant robustness against imperfect modelling and extrapolation. These findings are… 


Model-Based Predictive Control : A Practical Approach
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Combined feedback linearization and MPC for wind turbine power tracking
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Nonlinear model predictive control
  • G. Martin
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the 1999 American Control Conference (Cat. No. 99CH36251)
  • 1999
Nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) has been introduced in commercial applications. Since mid 1996 approximately 50 applications have been commissioned in polymers, chemicals, food, pulp and
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