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Data acquisition system for a 146-channel counter of protons in particle therapy

  title={Data acquisition system for a 146-channel counter of protons in particle therapy},
  author={S. Giordanengo and M. Abujami and Ciro Galeone and Sara Garbolino and O. A. Mart{\`i} Villarreal and Felix Mas Milian and G. Mazza and Marco Mignone and Anna Vignati and Richard Wheadon and Roberto Cirio and Vincenzo Monaco and Roberto Sacchi},
— A prototype of proton counter was developed by the University and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics of Torino to be used as online fluence beam monitor in particle therapy. The single particle identification approach aims at increasing the sensitivity and readout speed with respect to the state-of-the-art gas ionization chambers. The sensitive area is 2,7×2,7 cm 2 to cover the clinical beam cross section characterized by a full width at half maximum of about 1 cm at the isocenter… 

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