Data-Oriented Parsing

  title={Data-Oriented Parsing},
  author={Rens Bod and Khalil Sima'an and Remko Scha},
1. A DOP model for phrase-structure trees R. Bod and R. Scha 2. Probability models for DOP R. Bonnema 3. Encoding frequency information in stochastic parsing models 1. Computational complexity of disambiguation under DOP K. Sima'an 2. Parsing DOP with Monte Carlo techniques J. Chappelier and M. Rajman 3. Towards efficient Monte Carlo parsing R. Bonnema 4. Efficient parsing of DOP with PCFG-reductions J. Goodman 5. An approximation of DOP through memory-based learning G. de Pauw 6. Compositional… CONTINUE READING

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