Data Mining and Application of It to Capital Markets

  • Cenk AKKAYA, Ceren UZAR, Fethiye A.S.M.K
  • Published 2011


─Abstract ─ Nowadays with the development of technology importance given to knowledge increases gradually. Data mining enables to form forecasts and models regarding future by making use of past data. Any method which helps to discover data can be used as a data mining method. Enterprises gain important competitive advantage by data mining methods. Data mining is used in different fields. In finance field it is a specially used in financial performance applications, guessing the enterprise bankruptcies and failures, determining transaction manipulation, determining financial risk management, determining customer profile and depth management. It can be costly, risky and time consuming for enterprises to gain knowledge. Thus today enterprises use data mining as an innovative competitive mean. The aim of the study is to determine the importance of data mining applications to capital markets.

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