Data Management and Preservation Planning for Big Science

  title={Data Management and Preservation Planning for Big Science},
  author={Juan Bicarregui and Norman Gray and Rob Henderson and Roger Jones and Simon C. Lambert and Brian Matthews},
  journal={Int. J. Digit. Curation},
‘Big Science’ - that is, science which involves large collaborations with dedicated facilities, and involving large data volumes and multinational investments – is often seen as different when it comes to data management and preservation planning. Big Science handles its data differently from other disciplines and has data management problems that are qualitatively different from other disciplines. In part, these differences arise from the quantities of data involved, but possibly more… 
Towards Use And Reuse Driven Big Data Management
A use and reuse driven big data management approach that fuses the data repository and data processing capabilities in a co-located, public cloud that will allow researchers to more easily use, manage, and collaborate around big data sets, as well as give librarians the opportunity to work alongside the researchers to preserve and curate data while it is still fresh and being actively used.
TEEM ’ 16 Fourth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing
It is proposed a systematization of digital curation issues bridging the DCC life cycle view of the digital object curation to the OAIS reference model approach, using a cross view seized by cost models and plan/data management policies.
Digital curation and costs: approaches and perceptions
It is proposed a systematization of digital curation issues bridging the DCC life cycle view of the digital object curation to the OAIS reference model approach, using a cross view seized by cost models and plan/data management policies.
Beyond Big or Little Science: Understanding Data Lifecycles in Astronomy and the Deep Subseafloor Biosphere
For decades, the big science and little science dichotomy has served as a starting point for many analyses of scientific research and data practices, including studies used to inform the construction
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Abstract Archaeology and zoology are fields in which data collection and analysis involve destruction. In this study, we examine the results of 49 interviews with archaeologists and zoologists,


DMP Planning for Big Science Projects
The goal of the document is not to provide mechanically applicable recipes, but to allow the user to develop and lead a high-level plan which is appropriate to their organisation.
The Life3 Predictive Costing Tool for Digital Collections
The LIFE (Life Cycle Information for E-Literature) project helps institutions and researchers address concerns, reducing the financial and preservation risks, and allowing decision makers to assess a range of options in order to achieve effective preservation while operating within financial restraints.
This document has been approved for publication by the Management Council of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) and represents the consensus technical agreement of the
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The first Keeping Research Data Safe study funded by JISC made a major contribution to understanding of long-term preservation costs for research data by developing a cost model and indentifying cost
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This document is a technical Recommended Practice for use in developing a broader consensus on what is required for an archive to provide permanent, or indefinite Long Term, preservation of digital
Requirements for Digital Preservation Systems: A Bottom-Up Approach
This work develops a parallel set of requirements based on observations of how existing systems handle this task, and on an analysis of the threats to achieving the goal, and suggests disclosures that systems should provide as to how they satisfy their goals.
ICAT: Integrating Data Infrastructure for Facilities Based Science
The ICAT infrastructure for cataloguing facility-generated experimental data which has been in development within STFC and DLS for several years is described and its architecture and metadata model is described, a key tool in the management of data.
Data Preservation in High Energy Physics
The physics case for data preservation and the preservation models established by the group are presented, as well as a description of the transverse global projects and strategies already in place.
OECD Principles and Guidelines for Access to Research Data from Public Funding
The resulting Principles and Guidelines for Access to Research Data from Public Funding were recently approved by OECD governments and are discussed below and intended to promote data access and sharing among researchers, research institutions, and national research agencies.