Data Integration: a Challenging ASP Application

  title={Data Integration: a Challenging ASP Application},
  author={Nicola Leone and Thomas Eiter and Wolfgang Faber and Michael Fink and Georg Gottlob and Luigi Granata and Gianluigi Greco and Edyta Kalka and Giovambattista Ianni and Domenico Lembo and Maurizio Lenzerini and Vincenzino Lio and Bartosz Nowicki and Riccardo Rosati and Marco Ruzzi and Witold Staniszkis and Giorgio Terracina},
The paper presents INFOMIX a successful application of ASP technology to the domain of Data Integration. INFOMIX is a novel system which supports powerful information integration, utilizing the ASP system DLV. While INFOMIX is based on solid theoretical foundations, it is a user-friendly system, endowed with graphical user interfaces for the average… CONTINUE READING