Data Cube Representation for Vehicle Insurance Policy System


On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems have a strong focus on the interactive analysis of data and typically provide extensive capabilities for visualizing the data and generating summary statistics. Most of the data sets can be represented as a table, where each row is an object and each column is an attribute. Data cube represents the multidimensional data with all possible aggregates. The three dimensional data cubes represent the different attributes entirely controlled with the help of objects. In general, a data cube is generalization of statistical terminology as a cross-tabulation. In the present work, authors have designed a framework of OLAP data cube to analyze the Vehicle Insurance Policy (VIP) system to identify the entity, which is highly preferred by the customer. The study describes a methodology with OLAP data cube and pivot table as well as a correlation technique which represents strong relationship among the data attributes. Tables and graphs are designed for the sample database of the Vehicle Insurance Policy System

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