Data Avenue: Remote Storage Resource Management in WS-PGRADE/gUSE

  title={Data Avenue: Remote Storage Resource Management in WS-PGRADE/gUSE},
  author={{\'A}kos Hajnal and Zolt{\'a}n Farkas and P{\'e}ter Kacsuk},
  journal={2014 6th International Workshop on Science Gateways},
State-of-the-art gateways are connected to several distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs) and are able to run jobs and workflows simultaneously in all those different DCIs. However, the flexibility of accessing data storages belonging to different DCIs is a missing feature of current gateways. SZTAKI (Institute for Computer Science and Control) has developed a Data Avenue Blacktop service and aLiferay-based Data Avenue port let that open the door for integrating such features into science… CONTINUE READING