Dashed Expectations: Limitations of the telegraphic service in the late Qing*

  title={Dashed Expectations: Limitations of the telegraphic service in the late Qing*},
  author={Wook Yoon},
  journal={Modern Asian Studies},
  pages={832 - 857}
  • Wook Yoon
  • Published 2013
  • Business
  • Modern Asian Studies
Abstract Previous researchers have noted that the telegraph had a significant impact on late Qing politics in a variety of ways. This paper, however, argues that the telegraph in China failed to become a popular means of communication due to technical problems and misguided pricing policies. The Telegraph Administration (Zhongguo dianbaoju) was established in 1882, and its service suffered from persistent problems with regard to speed, stability, cost, and security. In order to keep profits up… Expand
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