Das tympanalorgan von Gryllus bimaculatus Degeer (saltatoria, gryllidae)

  title={Das tympanalorgan von Gryllus bimaculatus Degeer (saltatoria, gryllidae)},
  author={Karin Michel},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Morphologie der Tiere},
The tympanic organ of Gryllus bimaculatus Degeer is situated at the lateral wall of the anterior trachea just distal to the subgenual organ. It consists of three groups of sensilla lying quite close together: the proximal part (10–12 scolopidia), the scolopidia of the posterior tympanic nerve (10–12 scolopidia), and a distal part (35–40 scolopidia). Each scolopophorous sensillum of the tympanic organ is composed of the following distinct cells: the bipolar sense cell, which narrows to form the… CONTINUE READING
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