Das linearbandkeramische Gräberfeld von Schwetzingen, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis

  title={Das linearbandkeramische Gr{\"a}berfeld von Schwetzingen, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis},
  author={Claudia Gerling},

A sexual division of labour at the start of agriculture? A multi-proxy comparison through grave good stone tool technological and use-wear analysis

Examining use-wear traces from over 400 stone tools from funerary contexts of the earliest Neolithic in central Europe provides insights into what tasks could have been carried out by women and men, suggesting that the sexual division of labour (or at least its representation in death) changed as farming spread westwards.

Das linearbandkeramische Gräberfeld von Schwetzingen

Das Graberfeld von Schwetzingen (Baden-Wurttemberg) ist mit 203 identifi zierbaren Grabern eine der grosten bekannten Nekropolen der fruhneolithischen Linearbandkeramik. Es befand sich sudlich der