Das frühembryonale Wachstum des Labyrinths

  title={Das fr{\"u}hembryonale Wachstum des Labyrinths},
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SummaryThe developmental kinetics of the inner ear of 2- to 30-mm embryos are examined. The development of the inner ear can be shown as being constructively correlated with the development of the brain and thus being an ontogenic requisite for the structural development of the embryo. The developmental kinetic findings, as shown here, demonstrate that the functions of the inner ear have already started during its development and differentiation.ZusammenfassungEs wird an 2 bis 30 mm großen… Expand


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It is evident that the pathways of both the arising brain nerves and the spinal nerves are traced out by mesenchymal guiding structures which are initiated by the topogenesis of the blood vessels, and the programming of the nerves begins in the periphery. Expand
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