Das bilaterale Hypernephrom

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Nephron sparing surgery in renal cancer--individual decision or standard procedure?
Within this analysis the authors stress the hypothesis that the actual differences between organ-preserving surgery and radical nephrectomy concerning survival are marginal if the requirements for hemineph rectomy are met. Expand
Parenchyma-sparing surgery for renal tumors
Between 1969 und 1989 conservative surgery for kidney tumors was performed in 123 patients, with no signs of tumor progression after a mean follow-up period of 3.3 years. Expand
Nephron-sparing surgery of renal cell carcinoma with a normal opposite kidney: long-term outcome in 180 patients.
The results support the concept of nephron-sparing surgery in the presence of a normal contralateral kidney for RCC under an elective indication in selected patients and offer excellent long-term survival and an acceptably low local tumor recurrence rate. Expand
Conservative Surgery of Renal Tumors: Operative Technique, Complications, Results, DNA Cytometry
This chapter presents the operative technique, complications, patient outcome, and preliminary results of image analysis DNA cytometry for radical nephrectomy in patients with small peripheral tumors and normal contralateral kidneys. Expand
Conservative surgery of renal cell tumors in 140 patients: 21 years of experience.
Patients with a local stage T3 tumor were characterized by a significantly worse survival curve than those with a stage T1 or T2 tumor but no significant difference was noted among the various grades of differentiation. Expand
Nonoperative Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Nonoperative treatment of hypernephroma comprises irradiation and transfemoral catheter embolization of advanced, inoperable, and symptomatic primary tumors; as well as chemotherapy for metastases,Expand
Renal and Adrenal Tumors
56. Javadpour N (1984) Surgical management of renal cancer: traditional methods and innovative approaches. Expand