Das Werden des Kosmos Von der Erfahrung der zeitlichen Dimension astronomischer Objekte im 18. Jahrhundert

  title={Das Werden des Kosmos Von der Erfahrung der zeitlichen Dimension astronomischer Objekte im 18. Jahrhundert},
  author={F. Krafft},
  journal={Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte},
  • F. Krafft
  • Published 1985
  • Philosophy
  • Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
The Permanent ‘Becoming’ of the Cosmos: On Experiencing the Time Dimension of Astronomical Entities in the 18th Century. ‐ This paper deals with two of the initial stages through which the dimension of time, in the sense of an irreversible development, found its way into astronomical‐cosmological thinking. The one resulted from the first consequental application of Newtonian principles and laws to cosmic entities outside of our solar system found in the General Natural History or Theory of the… Expand
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Verzeitlichungs‐ und Historisierungstendenzen in der frühen Geologie und Paläontologie
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Innovationsschübe durch Außenseiter: Das Beispiel des Amateur‐Astronomen William Herschel
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Die Kosmogonie Anton von Zachs
In his “Cosmogenische Betrachtungen” (1804), Anton von Zach rediscovered — probably independently — some aspects of the theories of Kant and Laplace. More originally, he envisaged also theExpand
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XIV. Astronomical observations relating to the sidereal part of the heavens, and its connection with the nebulous part; arranged for the purpose of a critical examination
  • W. Herschel
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In my paper of observations of the nebulous part of the heavens, I have endeavoured to shew the probability of a very gradual conversion of the nebulous matter into the sidereal appearance TheExpand
The Great Chain of Being after Forty Years: An Appraisal
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The Vortex Theory of Planetary Motions