Das „Entspannungsschwimmen” von Velia und Stenus

  title={Das „Entspannungsschwimmen” von Velia und Stenus},
  author={Karl Eduard Linsenmair and Rudolf Jander},
Skimming behaviour and spreading potential of Stenus species and Dianous coerulescens (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)
Rove beetles of the genus Stenus Latreille and the genus Dianous Leach possess pygidial glands containing a multifunctional secretion of piperidine and pyridine-derived alkaloids as well as several terpenes that enables the beetles to skim rapidly and far over the water surface, even when just a small amount of secretion is emitted.
Liquid dispensing in the adhesive hairy pads of dock beetles
The dynamics of liquid secretion in the dock beetle Gastrophysa viridula is investigated by quantifying the volume of the deposited liquid footprints during simulated walking experiments and estimating the hydraulic resistance of a single attachment hair of the order of MPa · s/fl.
Bio-inspired untethered fully soft robots in liquid actuated by induced energy gradients
The agile untethered mobility of a fully soft robot in liquid based on induced energy gradients is reported and a soft-robot swarm that can approach a target simultaneously to assure a hit with high accuracy is demonstrated.
Studies of Ionic Surfactant Systems Using Surface Rheology With a Focus on the Oscillating Bubble Technique
Surface active agents, shortly referred to as surfactants, tune the air-water interface with respect to both its equilibrium and dynamic properties. On a macroscopic scale, the formation of foam is
Multifunctional and biodegradable self-propelled protein motors
The authors report on the development of squid-derived biodegradable motors, which use an anaesthetic metabolite for propulsion and demonstrate a range of different applications.
The Biology of Steninae
The paired anal glands of Steninae are described morphologically and with respect to their secretion chemistry, and the alkaloid and terpenoid secretions significantly act as defensive compounds against both bacteria and various predators.
Effect of a surface tension imbalance on a partly submerged cylinder
We perform a static analysis of a circular cylinder that forms a barrier between surfactant-laden and surfactant-free portions of a liquid–gas interface. In addition to determining the general
The Role of Surface Viscosity in the Escape Mechanism of the Stenus Beetle.
A dual purpose of the spreading alkaloids in the escape mechanism of the Stenus beetle is confirmed, and a transition to surface viscoelastic behavior of the adsorbed layers was observed.
The Semiaquatic Gerromorphans
The Gerromorpha comprise a group of mainly semiaquatic predatory bugs that play important roles in freshwater ecosystems. Despite its current low economic importance, there are evidences that certain
Detection of a New Piperideine Alkaloid in the Pygidial Glands of Some Stenus Beetles
Rove beetles of the genus Stenus produce and store bioactive alkaloids like stenusine (3), 3‐(2‐methylbut‐1‐enyl)pyridine (4), and cicindeloine (5) in their pygidial glands to protect themselves from