Darwinism and the Divine: Evolutionary Thought and Natural Theology

  title={Darwinism and the Divine: Evolutionary Thought and Natural Theology},
  author={A. Mcgrath},
A doutrina das causas finais na Antiguidade. 3. A teleologia na natureza, de Teofrasto a Galeno
This paper studies the history of teleological thought in Antiquity, after Aristotle, analyzing three relevant episodes: the contribution of Theophrastus – a companion and successor of Aristotle;Expand
Darwin’s Perplexing Paradox: Intelligent Design in Nature
Review of his initial writings reveals that Darwin accepted some aspects of this view, although he could only accept the concept for the universe as a whole, not with respect to individual elements of the living world. Expand
Science and Religious Education Teachers’ Views of Argumentation and Its Teaching
Argumentation, the justification of claims with reasons and/or evidence, has emerged as a significant educational goal in science education in recent years. It has also been noted as an importantExpand
Historical and conceptual aspects of motor disorders in the psychoses
In spite of an increasing methodological refinement, empirical research is yet to clarify what is the clinical meaning of the movement disorders in the context of the psychoses and to explain whether such disorders are primary (i.e. issuing directly from the brain and parallel to the rest of psychotic symptomatology) or secondary (or mediated by cognitive and emotional phenomena characteristic of the Psychoses). Expand
Kabiyak ng Puso: An Inculturated Approach to Genesis’ Creation of the Woman
Kabiyak ng Puso is a popular Filipino term for spouse. It is literally translated as half of the heart with a strong reference to the whole or the other half (of the heart). Its relevance to marriageExpand
Teleologia i pochodzenie ewolucji
Flawed Subjectivities: Cyril of Alexandria and Mahāyāna Buddhism on Individual Volition, Sin, and Karma
What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with us? In his magisterial work Religion in Human Evolution, Robert Bellah charts the transformation of the religious imagination of humanity around theExpand