Darwin and the First Ecological Experiment

  title={Darwin and the First Ecological Experiment},
  author={Andy Hector and Rowan E. Hooper},
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Could the very first ecological experiment have taken place in an English country garden? Apparently so, according to the Perspective by Hector and Hooper. These authors describe an elegant series of ecology experiments carried out during the early 19th century by George Sinclair, head gardener to the Duke of Bedford, in the gardens of Woburn Abbey. 
Charles Darwin and the importance of biodiversity for ecosystem functioning
The link between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning is a relatively new research area motivated by forecasts of ongoing biodiversity loss. However, the intellectual link between biodiversity and
Ecology: Diversity favours productivity
A study of algal communities in artificial streams suggests that habitats with more species take greater advantage of the niche opportunities in an environment than do less-species-rich habitats, allowing the more diverse systems to capture a greater fraction of biologically active resources such as nitrogen.
The Loom of Life: Unravelling Ecosystems
Life in Little Worlds.- Leaky Buckets.- Hidden Riches.- No Niche Like Home.- Neutral by Nature.- In Splendid Isolation.- Ecology of Wildcards.- The Loom Of Life.- The Age of Atropos.
The functional significance of forest diversity: the starting point
The aim of the present book is to summarize the state of knowledge with respect to forests, focusing on the temperate and boreal regions.
Biodiversity: From evolutionary origins to ecosystem functioning
It is proposed that both the evolutionary causes and the ecological consequences of biodiversity share a common origin—unavoidable tradeoffs that organisms face when dealing with multiple limiting factors.
The Sabah Biodiversity Experiment: a long-term test of the role of tree diversity in restoring tropical forest structure and functioning
The results establish the initial conditions for the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment and confirm the potential to accelerate restoration by using enrichment planting of dipterocarps to overcome recruitment limitation, as well as estimating residual impacts 22 years after selective logging.
Relationships between biodiversity and production in grasslands at local and regional scales.
1. Experimental manipulations of plant species diversity in unfertilised prairies and meadows has revealed that increasing diversity often leads to increased productivity (range of observed
The competitive Darwin
Abstract Although Darwin was not the first to conceive directional selection as a mechanism of phenotypic change, it is his ideas that were received, and that have shaped population biology to this
Microalgae in Ecology: Ecosystem Functioning Experiments
TheUnderstanding of the processes underlying the ecosystem functioning of aquatic systems and the impact of global change is far beyond the understanding of the terrestrial systems, so studies on the functions of aquatic ecosystems are required.


Darwin's botanical arithmetic and the “principle of divergence,” 1854–1858
  • J. Browne
  • Education
    Journal of the history of biology
  • 1980
It is proposed that Darwin's botanical arithmetic provided a great deal of the content of that principle and provided the information that disclosed problems which could only be solved by the intervention of an extra "force" in evolutionary theory.
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Current Knowledge and Future Challenges
Larger numbers of species are probably needed to reduce temporal variability in ecosystem processes in changing environments and to determine how biodiversity dynamics, ecosystem processes, and abiotic factors interact.