Dartos-based scrotal myocutaneous flaps: their place in regional reconstructions.

  title={Dartos-based scrotal myocutaneous flaps: their place in regional reconstructions.},
  author={S K Parkash and C C Jeevan Reddy},
  journal={The Australian and New Zealand journal of surgery},
  volume={58 1},
Injection studies were done in cadavers to demonstrate the blood supply of scrotal flaps and lay the foundation of the basis of their use in regional reconstruction. Eighty-seven scrotal flaps, antero-lateral, posterior, extended posterior and bipedicled (including de-epidermized flaps) were used as peninsular or island flaps in 60 patients and 64 situations. The flaps were used for lengthening of phallus stumps, neophalloplasty, providing groin cover, urethral repair, construction of simulated… CONTINUE READING

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