Dartmouth Master of Arts in Liberal Studies


Through the years as a student publication the MALS Quarterly had undergone numerous changes as editors and ideas have come and gone. This year our staff has decided to make another change, to move from a news-based publication highlighting current events and issues towards a scholarly publication focusing on students work. We hope the Quarterly will serve as a vehicle to share our work with one another and provide an outlet for students to publish their work. In addition to changing the format we have also made a change to hard copies of the Quarterly. By switching from an online publication to a paper copy we hope to get our student’s work out to a wider audience and have copies accessible to those unfamiliar with the Quarterly. We look forward to feedback from fellow MALS students and seek to represent the ideas and talents of each other. We also hope these changes to the Quarterly will encourage more student submission and input on the future of our student-run publication.

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